My Wonderful Walls Lion Wall Mural Stencil

Paint this incredible lion on your baby nursery or kids room wall for a zoo or jungle theme. Our unique self-adhesive feature makes painting with wall stencils super easy and fun. Paint the 2-piece lion stencil any color you like and as many times as you desire. Measurements for this 2-piece lion stencil 17"w x 14"h. This lion stencil is also sold as part of our Jungle Safari Wall Mural Stencil Kit. Go here to see the full room stencil kit with exotic plants, cool animals, and more: SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO PAINT WITH OUR SELF ADHESIVE STENCILS Watch our short demo here: Watch full mural painting tutorials here: We are happy to answer any questions and help you get started. Please call us at 888-945-4443 M-F 10-6 EST. Happy Painting.

  • 1 large lion stencil for painting walls or furniture
  • Paint this lion any color your like and multiple times
  • Painting with wall stencils is fun and easy
  • Individual stencil from the full-room jungle safari wall mural stencil kit
  • Made in the USA by My Wonderful Walls