Yabber® Soft Stuffed Plush Panda Pig Teddy Bear Toddler Preschool Baby Blankie Bathtub Bath Kitchen Microfiber Toy Towel Gift Set

Yabber® Soft Stuffed Plush Panda Pig Teddy Bear Toddler Preschool Baby Blankie Bathtub Bath Kitchen Microfiber Toy Towel Gift Set

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Yabber® Set of 3 plush stuffed toy animal heads with chenille microfiber towel attached. These toys are soft and absorbent and will not leave scratches or abrasions to any surface. Use these toy and microfiber hand towels to inspire your children to wash their hands, clean their rooms, or just to play with and use their imagination. They can also be used for a variety of other things. Absorbs moisture and helps to dry hands quickly. Each towel toy has a loop for hanging on a hook. Attach to car seat, stroller or crib. Your child can play with the toy and you can clean up a burp or spill if the need arises. Car seat and stroller toys: attach for child to play with and also use to help clean up messes. Baby, toddler or crib toys: Babies are attracted to the soft material, the different texture and bright colors provide stimulation. The heads are just plain cute and inviting. Laptop bag: Throw one in your laptop bag. They are not only perfect household dusters they will grab the dust from your computers, TV, etc without a scratch. Sports bag or school back pack towel: Throw one in the bag to mop up sweat or a quick clean up from an unexpected mess. Educational: Use this first to teach hand washing, and later to teach and encourage chores like dusting, washing and drying the car. The towel toys are colorful, soft and cute! They can be used as toys for the toddlers who love soft things or décor for a bedroom or baby room. Adults also use them to add some fun to life. They have many everyday uses that you may want them even if you don't have a child These are so practical and easy to use. Attach them to the refrigerator door, the office restroom or wherever to add color, fun, inspire good hygiene and ease in cleaning up a mess or drying your hands. Use for dusting furntiure, electronic devices, laptop, camping, dog toys, automotive cleaning and drying car and accessories.
  • Bright colored toys that are both fun and useful - soft absorbent microfiber will not scratch surfaces.
  • Fun exciting Panda, Pig and Teddy Bear plush stuffed animal heads on microfiber towel cloth
  • Great toys for play, teaching, and clean up for toddlers and preschoolers or dusters and dog toys
  • Colorful and useful car stroller high chair bathroom toys....for play and absorb spills
  • Cute adorable and versatile for so many uses - Buy now and join in the fun

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