Leonard the Clever Lion

Leonard the Clever Lion

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This is a story about what it takes to be a true leader.

At first it seems that Larry the Lion,who is strong and brave and popular, will be crowned as king.

This does not surprise his brother Leonard who would rather read a book than be king.

One day the brothers are napping in a tree, when a little ant said, “I need help, you see.”

Larry is too lazy to help,so Leonard jumps down from the tree to help the ant.

All sorts of problems arise with the jungle animals that day from the ant and the rhino to the Meer cat and the snake.

Leonard takes care of it all while Larry sleeps in the tree.

By the end of the story when it is time to crown the king of the jungle,

who do you think the animals will pick? Read this story about how brains and kindness are the virtues of a good leader.

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    Disney The Lion King Simba Plush -- 11"

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