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Check out Baby Sleeping Bag, Lion & Tiger, Kiddy Kaboosh, Various Sizes & Weights

Baby Sleeping Bag, Lion & Tiger, Kiddy Kaboosh, Various Sizes & Weights

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Lion and Tiger, Kiddy Kaboosh Baby Sleeping Bag
From catnaps to a full night's sleep, this beautiful sleeping bag from Mr Sandman is perfect to keep your little one warm and cosy on even the longest jungle night. Ideal for baby boys or girls, with easy access through the side zip and shoulder poppers, your new bundle of joy will be well rested and ready for their next exciting day.

The Safe Alternative to Blankets, Sheets & Duvets

  • WARM & COMFY ALL NIGHT - No more kicking off covers in the night for a longer night's sleep
  • PRACTICAL - Machine washable at 30, is quick drying and can be tumble dried on low heat
  • EASY TO USE - Opens easily for night time changes

Range of sizes:

  • 0-6 months
  • 6-18 months
  • 18-36 months
  • 3-6 years

Range of warmth ratings:

  • Lightweight approx 0.5 Tog - room temp over 24°
  • Summer weight approx 1.0 Tog - room temp 20-24°
  • Medium weight approx 2.5 Tog - room temp 18-20°
  • Winter weight approx 3.5 Tog - room temp less than 18°

Kiddy Kaboosh Baby Sleeping Bags are designed & made by Mr Sandman Ltd.
The sandman is a character from folklore who sprinkled magic stardust in children's eyes to send them to sleep and give them sweet dreams. While our sleeping bags don't come with a supply of the sandman's magic stardust (sorry), we've used our many years' experience to design a collection of safe, snug, comfortable sleeping bags which we think will work just as well to give your child a wonderful night's sleep. And because they are also high quality, safe and reasonably priced, that'll hopefully help parents sleep better too.

Visit our Storefront to view all Kiddy Kaboosh sleeping bag designs, different tog sizes and lots more.

  • LONGER, SAFER SLEEP - Baby Sleeping Bag with No Loose Blankets to kick off
  • COMFY, SOFT & EASY to USE - Machine Washable at 30°, QUICK DRYING
  • PRACTICAL 100% SOFT COTTON - Lining & outer fabric Baby Sleeping Bag
  • RANGE OF WARMTH WEIGHTS & SIZES - Comfortable Fit for All Sizes
  • FREE DELIVERY - Baby Sleeping Bags make Great Presents

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